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In 4 steps, we help you to take your company to the U.S. market, through a customized management process focused on the type of business to enter the market and that includes a Strategic Financial Analysis, Recommendations on Regulations and Regulatory Authorizations, Development of a GTM (Go To Market) Plan and a Strategic Communication and Marketing proposal.


Financial Strategic Analysis:

Through our Strategic Partners, RAYA Consulting can offer comprehensive business feasibility and financial strategy services to Latin American companies planning to enter the U.S. market. Our team conducts a comprehensive assessment of the financial and economic viability of your business in the United States. This includes assessing entry costs, projecting budgets for the establishment of operations, and preparing long-term revenue and expense forecasts, recruitment processes and banking documentation. Based on these analyses, we provide recommendations and financial strategies in order to begin evaluating the entry of your business into the U.S. market.


Regulatory Compliance and Approvals:

Navigating the complex legal and regulatory landscape of the US market can be daunting. Through our strategic partners, we can provide guidance and recommendations to ensure compliance and obtain the necessary approvals to operate in the United States. We conduct a detailed review of industry-specific legal requirements and help you navigate the regulatory framework. Our expertise minimizes legal risks and ensures a smooth entry into the target market.


Go-To-Market Plan (GTM):

Developing a Go-To-Market (GTM) plan is essential to understanding how to enter a new market with the right tools. Understanding the industry we are in, the audiences we are trying to connect with and the characteristics of our product or services are key when evaluating how to approach the challenge of being in the American market. At RAYA Consulting, we work closely with Latin American companies to develop a customized GTM tailored specifically to the needs of each business. We help define your target market, segment customers, establish pricing strategies, and identify distribution channels to correctly approach the right product to the right audience. Our goal is to develop a strategic approach that allows you to effectively penetrate the market and obtain the expected results.


Communication Strategy and Marketing Plan:

Building brand presence or consideration in a market as important as the United States is crucial for business sustainability. Communicating effectively with your target audience is key to bring your product or service closer to the target market you are interested in reaching. RAYA Consulting offers strategic consulting services in communication, PR and Digital Marketing to help Latin American companies establish a brand presence in the United States. We develop tailored communications and marketing proposals, including branding strategies, brand positioning, targeted advertising campaigns, digital marketing initiatives and public relations efforts. Our strategic approach aims to establish a positive and resonant image, attract customers and foster valuable business relationships.

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We offer a unique value proposition by providing Latino businesses with a
customized U.S. market entry process tailored to their specific needs.


Soft Landing Cases



Chilean technology company, expert in immersive experiences through gamification strategies. Having developed an interesting business model in Chile, it has decided to bring this successful experience to the city of Miami through an incredible VR Arena.


Megacenter is a Latin American company, who we helped develop a Go To Market plan for a specific geographic area within Miami, specifically in the knowledge of their audience and business opportunity in Miramar.


We have strategic alliances with companies specialized in different disciplines, with knowledge of the local market and with vast experience in the United States.

Through our experience and our local partners, we can help those Latin companies that wish to enter the American market.

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